FIT5222 Assignment 1: The Joints of the Body

Vitruvian Man

A WebQuest for FIT5222 at Algonquin College

Designed by

Dr. Vic Weatherall


In your anatomy course, you learned the major systems of the body. As part of the skeletal system, you briefly touched on the different types of joints in the body. A firm understanding of the joints is critical to your understanding of how and why the body moves and how the joints may be injured.

This webquest will help you review the joints so that you can move on with learning the biomechanics of their operation.


After finishing this webquest you will be able to describe the types of joints used in the body and identify where they occur.


  1. Download a copy of the Joint Types table shown below.
  2. Review the following websites to learn about joints:
  3. Fill in the Joint Types table and submit it to the ?Assignment 1? area of the Assignments page (see the link at on the course menu at left) by the date identified in the course syllabus.

Joint Types

Type         Description              Examples
(List three where possible)
ball-and-socket joint Ball-and-socket
(spheroid or enarthrosis)

condyloid joint Condyloid (ellipsoid)

saddle joint Saddle

hinge joint Hinge

pivot joint Pivot

plane joint Plane (gliding or arthroid)

Images from: (2008). Joints. Retrieved May 9, 2012, from


In this webquest you have reviewed the different types of joints in the body and can now describe and identify them. You are now ready to learn how joints work at the tissue and joint system levels.